As experts in aluminum welding, we have many years experience in fabricating custom items for a wide range of applications. This includes various options for boats, industrial machinery, and marine equipment.

At we produce high quality designs for custom applications using Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD). This system allows us to produce clear, concise drawings and perform quick structural calculations to ensure high quality products at affordable prices.

The following are a few of the many custom products produced at

Equipment for Boats
Industrial Equipment
Ocean Floats

Industrial Equipment  

A section of a 120 ft long raised conveyor and catwalk.

A dewatering box with an incline conveyor.

Dumper used to dump 1000 to 2000 lbs containers.

Two incline conveyors used for fish processing.

Sanitary plastic rollers set into a 90 degree bend.

Machining the end of a 13" diameter conveyor roller.

12" stainless steel ice crushing augers.

Hotel bell cart

Marine Equipment

A davit holding a hauling winch. Used for a long-line in trap fishing.

An aluminum hauling house with a pop out window.

A long-line drum showing a spooler and fair lead to the right.

A 5 ton galvanized steel boom.

The 2nd section of a wheelhouse is loaded onto a 130 ft boat.

Ocean Floats

8 ft tank being cut in half to be used as a helicopter landing float.

A 60' x 20' float.

30" pipes being prepared for a float.

A section of a 40' helicopter landing float.



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